A library is a curated collection of sources of information and similar resources, selected by experts and made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing, often in a quiet environment conducive to study.

Dance Room

Dance is a non verbal communication which involves rhythm, expression & social interaction, generally presented in a spiritual or performance setting. The school through its well trained and experienced dance faculty offers training to the students for various dance forms like, disco, tango, hip-hop, ballet and ball room dancing, kathak etc. The dance rooms are beautifully furnished and equipped with latest music systems and recording systems that ensures to maintain a good quality of training imparted to the students.

Music Room


In addition to the school curriculum, individual music classes on a variety of instruments are given by a group of qualified music teachers who take Students are encouraged to participate whenever the occasion arises.

Participation gives a wonderful opportunity to learn music with their friends, to learn, to play in a group situation and to extend their appreciation of music. They are great motivators and are probably the main reason for the strength of instrumental music at our school.

Kindergarten Activity Room

Our little ones, the bundles of energy, possess an activity room, THE TINY TOTS paradise, with the latest toys and accessories according to the children's likings. Our little ones get to show their creativity through role play in the leisure time in this room.

School Transport

Transport is an integral part of our organization and we have always strived to give the best to the students availing the transport facility. The school provides a fleet of new and very comfortable buses for the neighbouring area. All safety measures are taken care of for the students availing the school transport. Each bus is equipped with first aid box and fire extinguisher. School maintains constant communication with the teacher and the guard on duty to ensure security.


Rain water harvesting involves accumulation and storage of rain water for reuse. It ensures independent water supply during water restrictions.

The school encourages the rain water harvesting and acknowledges the efforts of those contributing to it by implanting a rain water harvesting system at its own premises.


Keeping in mind the physical well-being, health and need of the children, the school has a well-designed and fully furnished canteen which serves quality packed snacks and eatables keeping in mind the nutritive value.