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Jamuna Prasad Memorial Public School

Welcome to Jamuna Prasad Memorial Public School, and thank you for taking the time to find out about J.P.M.Public School. Making the decision about which school is the right school for your child can be a difficult one but we hope that this prospectus will help you make that decision and give you a flavour of that this prospectus will help you make that decision and give you a flavour of J.P.M.Public School.and the learning opportunities that we provide here.
Jamuna Prasad Memorial Public School an English Medium Co-education Day School,is set in a lush green environment-pollution free & serene surroundings on the outskirts of Bhojipura on Bareilly-Nanital main road.23rd Km.stone,Bareilly-Nanital Road,Bhairpura Bazar,Bareilly.

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145+Class Room

300+Certified Teachers

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A dream that now has been materialized into a reality in a lush green environment- Pollution free & serene surroundings of Bhairpura on the outskirts of Bhojipura,Bareilly-Nanital Road.


The development and encouragement of every one by stimulating the initial dormant feelings into a meaningful creative urge.
Raising Self esteem and confidence in a most conductive environment.

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Shyam Lal Kannojia


We are living in extraordinary times, driven by change at an incredible pace. It demands from us personal mastery, systems thinking capability to understand complexity and the ability to have dialogue instead of learned reactions. For this purpose, at the outset, we must first and foremost be aware of the environment we live in and our interaction with it. We must be reflective of our pre-dispositions, aptitude and attitudes that will make the difference in our holistic development to be contributing members of the society and nation, particularly in the 21st century. We must acknowledge the power of communication across cultures for better outcomes. We must be on a platform of continual learning, consciously fostering an open mindset.
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Yogesh Patel

It gives me immense pleasure in the materialization of Jamuna Prasad Memorial Public School,an English Medium Co-educational School for our school going children who left deprived of such an English Medium Co-educational School in our area.In fact, our long cherished dream is to establish a network of various educational courses- so that our children not only have multiple choices in selecting their streams but also don't have to pursue thier higher education going to big cities leaving thier home, towns,thus becoming fully qualified professionals to tread the world successfully ,bringing name & fame to parents as well as this area.
We also create intellectual ,social, emotional, spiritual & aesthetic development of the students to enhance thier quality of life.Students are prepared for active, independent learning in an environment which fosters a spirit of enquiry & keen competition. Read More